When buying a penthouse for sale in Dubai, you might want to know the cool book shops nearby. Nothing beats catching yourself in a good book and making your imagination run. Reading time is a rare time for millions of people all around the world. Being able to pick up their next admiration in escapism at wallet-friendly rates is news worth noting for the many fans of the written word. Fortunately, many inexpensive bookshops in Dubai are a little short of a treasure box for book lovers. We’ve compiled a list of affordable bookshops in Dubai where you can indulge your love of books for half the larger mall-based stores’ price.

Best And Affordable Bookshops In Dubai

Several bookstores in Dubai will satisfy your reading needs, but only a handful of them sell low-cost books. So keep reading as we reveal Dubai’s cheapest bookstores where you can get the next book for a steal.

House Of Prose

House of Prose is Dubai’s benchmark for used bookstores. The retailer has locations in Box Park, Times Square Centre, and JLT. House of Prose, one of the most dependable stores in Dubai for finding cheap books, offers a wide range of genres at fair prices. The well-designed design and wooden-shelved bookshelves will bring back memories of your favourite corner bookstore.

It is one of the most famous cheap bookshops in Dubai, with discounted book sets selling for as little as AED 20. Interchange your old book for a bargain on a new one at Dubai’s House of Prose.

You should also rummage through the vintage pages for some fantastic items, such as autographed first editions. Each book costs as little as AED 5. In addition, the House of Prose offers a 10 per cent discount too.

BookWorld & Archies Bookstore and Library

BookWorld, also recognised as BookWorld & Archies Bookstore and Library, is one of the best bookshops in Al Satwa to rent or purchase cheap books in Dubai. It has a huge selection of English novels, comic books, magazines, and a wide range of other genres.

There are floor-to-ceiling moving bookshelves. You’ll end up wasting more time looking for your favourite names.

Unforeseen famous titles in foreign languages and other traditional reads, such as National Geographic magazine, can also be found.

The prices of the books and novels for sale in this Dubai bookstore differ depending on their quality. A paperback costs between AED 5 and AED 50 at Book World. You will get half of your money back on each book you return to the store, which you can then use to buy something else.

The Old Library

You can also browse for cheap books in Dubai at The Old Library, one of the city’s oldest libraries. This inexpensive bookshop in Dubai, formerly located in DUCTAC in the Mall of the Emirates, has since relocated to the Gold and Diamond Park. This library, true to its reputation, has a large number of books for infants, teens, and adults

The Old Library is a traditional non-profit organisation. On one of the shelves, there are large volumes of used novels for sale and antique books. An annual subscription fee of AED 220 plus VAT is available.

If you don’t want to look at many stocks, the library staff will assist. There are also unpaid volunteers willing to assist.

Book Hero

Book Hero is another destination to find used books at a reasonable price in Dubai. The bookshop has one of the finest collections of used books in Dubai and has 15 locations.

Many who live on Sheikh Zayed Road will enjoy visiting the bookshop to find inexpensive books in Dubai. Book Hero is not a traditional bookstore since it is based on customer loyalty.

It is one of the few low-cost bookstores in Dubai that is staffed entirely by volunteers. Once you’ve found your favourite title, you can either sit down for a short read or grab a book and drop the amount in the payment tray. This payment would benefit The Animal Project, a program in Dubai that helps animals.

If you cannot afford to pay for all of the books at once, you can pay later at this cheap book store in Dubai. Book Hero’s series of 20,000 titles is also a good place to discover best-selling novels and other youth books.

What else can you ask for? Buy apartments for sale in City walk Dubai and get carried away with your next favourite book.